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Can Porn Really Be Feminist?

  Can Porn Really Be Feminist? I recently viewed the TV series “Hot Girls Wanted: Turned on” Episode 1 on Netflix . After watching the first episode, I was left with a question: Can feminist porn actually be considered feminist?… Continue Reading →

“It’ll Blow Your Mind Away”

  “It’ll Blow Your Mind Away” Based on the example it is obvious Burger King’s mass media Ad and the Aston Martin used sports car ad are communicating messages in society. These messages are related to societies norms, values, and… Continue Reading →

Intersectionality and Race

Intersectionality and Race Intersectionality and race have multiple impacts in film and media. From my Critical Media analysis I learned history has created multiple discourses of race. This was emphasized by Moolan’s (2013) article. Moolan (2013) explains the importance to… Continue Reading →

Transgender Representation in the Media

Transgender Representation in the Media In my opinion in historically people who are transgender have had a limited representation in films and media, although in the past couple years there  has been an increase representation of transgender people in the… Continue Reading →

Media and Sexual Orientation

Media and Sexual Orientation In my opinion the media portrays LGTBQ2S+ people in many ways. In North America sexual orientation is visible in the media. From my perspective historically the LGTBQ2S+ community have been portrayed negatively in the media. However… Continue Reading →

POO-POURIE is Gendered and Sexist

“Poo-Pourie. 2013. “Girls Don’t Poop.” Youtube video 2:15. Posted by “Poo-Pourrie,” September, 2013. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZKLnhuzh9uY POO-POURIE is Gendered and Sexist Poo-Pourri is a spray that promises to eliminate odors when women use the washroom. The main issue with the product Poo-Pourrie… Continue Reading →

Sexualized & Gendered Halloween Costumes

  Gendered and Sexualized  Halloween Costumes   (Gendered Halloween Costumes [Photograph]. (n.d). Films and media have impacted society in many ways. Stereotypical roles are on of them. Just the effects of creating gender roles create many different messages.  Presenting Stereotypical… Continue Reading →

Gender Reveal Parties!

Gender Reveal Parties! Gender Reveal Parties are a parties future parents host to discover and celebrate if they’re expecting a boy or girl. This party reveals a surprise of blue or pink to designate a gender of the unborn baby…. Continue Reading →

How Gender and Sexuality is Defined Today – My Learning During the Semester

Through this course I have learned how gender and sexuality and society is influenced by the media and film. I will be portraying my learning though the semester by posting examples and examining how gender and sexuality have been impacted… Continue Reading →

Week 1 – Introduction – How are gender and sexuality defined today?

Reading Analyses ( Previously Marked) Danae Martin September 7, 2017 Week 1 Readings: Smith, G. M., “’It’s Just a Movie’: A Teaching Essay for Introductory Media Classes,”   Cinema Journal, 41, 1 (Fall 2001): 127-134 Alcott, L., “The Problem with… Continue Reading →

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